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Natural Incense
Natural Incense
Natural Incense

Natural Incense


Natural incense is a beautiful blend of Herbs, Gums, Resins and Wood Chips infused with essential oils and Absolutes, resulting in a powerful aroma. Simply place a pinch on a burning Charcoal Disc in your Incense Censer and enjoy the intoxicating fragrance! Natural Incense is often used for ritualistic purposes, but it is always a fantastic tool for calming, energizing and uplifting your space.


Available in three fragrances; Moon, Purification and Winter Solstice. 


MOON: Camfor and Sandalwood. 

PURIFICATION: Frankincense, Jasmine and Mint. 

WINTE SOLSTICE Cinnamon, Clove and Cedar Wood. 

Place a self-igniting charcoal disc in a fireproof dish, well away from flammable objects. The charcoal discs can be ignited simply by holding a match or lighter to the rim. Be aware that these discs may spit and sparkle profusely upon ignition. Allow plenty of air to flow around the charcoal to ensure that it burns evenly. Once the charcoal disc has finished sparkling it will start to glow, usually first on one side, then slowly spreading over the whole disc. When the entire disc is glowing red hot it is ready to use and you can place a pinch of incense on top. As the disc burns, the fire will concentrate in its centre. You may occasionally want to scrape off the ashes to expose the glowing centre and add fresh incense as desired.


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