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Frida Kahlo Inspired Mug
Frida Kahlo Inspired Mug
Frida Kahlo Inspired Mug

Frida Kahlo Inspired Mug


Frida Kahlo Inspired hand painted stainless steel mug. 

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who in her short and tragedy-fuelled life produced a huge portfolio of work. She mixed realism with fantasy in her art, the majority of which were self-portraits. She became a symbol of feminism as well as a gay icon. Her naïve folk art represented Mexican popular culture and following her death in the 1950’s her art and unmistakable style has become increasingly more popular across all demographics. Although the format of the design is Kahlo-esque, the enamel hand-painting derives from a traditional style that originated in Iran. The stainless steel aspect of the mug makes it a great addition to any camping trip and is the perfect way to impress your coffee guests!


Three beautiful designs and colours to choose from, green, yellow and red. 


W:11.5cm D:7.5cm H:8cm


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