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Anti Stress Natural Candle
Anti Stress Natural Candle

Anti Stress Natural Candle


Lavender & Green’s charming range of naturally scented candles are ethically sourced and are all hand poured in England. The unique blend of candle wax is the original alternative to a paraffin wax. This alternative uses a range of plant based ingredients as the wax base, allowing the candles to burn cleanly and effectively for longer. The candles are infused with fine natural fragrances and essential oils to decorate your home with rich and elegant aromas.

A synchronised blend of Lavender & Bergamot in a stylish brown glass apothecary glass jar.

This blend harnesses the importance of Lavender and Bergamot’s useful wellbeing properties. The blend is light, botanical and earthy with subtle floral and fresh top notes.

A simple and divine fragrance that is calming and relaxing with a hint of spice and husk.

Lavender is well known for its stress relief and relaxation properties, this candle is no exception. With Lavender bringing the goodness to relieve feelings of depression, stress and promoting relaxation and a balancing environment, Bergamot is considered to enhance your luck, help energise you and fight feelings of fear. A relaxing blend, ideal for a moment of tranquillity at the end of a busy day.



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