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Next Circle

Tuesday 21st May

From 7pm - 8:30pm

History of Women's Circles
Women’s Circles are an ancient practice dating back to 800 CE. Originally having ties with the moon cycles and menstruation, women would come together in Red Tents and Moon Lodges, often being cast out of their communities during these times of the month. Being the intelligent and resourceful creatures we are, this isolation was transformed into a space of profound insight and healing wounds through connection.
Throughout history, the very act of women taking pride in their emotional complexity, scope and intuition was often debunked as ‘hysteria’, mental illness or even witchcraft, leading to the infamous witch trials in the 1600’s. Despite such atrocities committed against the feminine, our ancestors persisted. A supportive thread of connection between women continued into the years, through World Wars, eventually leading to movements like the Suffragettes and acts of liberation and radicalism.
Our culture is changing and growing rapidly and women are making more rightful demands and holding space in so many different ways. In a society that is built on male orientated foundations, that sets unrealistic expectations of what women ‘should’ be and that quite often pits us against each other, it couldn’t be a more essential time for us to come together and support one another.
Buxton Women's Circle/ What we want from our sessions
Revolve is a non hierarchical group where women and anybody who identifies as such can come and hold space and offload in a safe, supported environment. The idea of holding space is to be able to speak without shame or judgement. Once in the circle, listening to to other women’s stories and reflections without the need to fix and interfere, fosters a deep empathy and helps us to all feel less alone. We will cover a range of subjects including creativity, family, spirituality and anything other women would like to bring to the circle!
A huge focus of Lavender & Green’s is cultivating creative, healing and tranquil spaces so we couldn’t have a better venue to host the circle as it is completely reflects the inner work a Women’s Circle can harvest. It is extremely important that we have a warm, open atmosphere full of tea, chocolate and gorgeous Lavender & Green candles!
 Introductory Session
Our first session will be loosely focused on ‘Holding Space’. Have you ever had an experience where you have found it difficult to be heard? Or are you confident and unapologetic about taking up space? We are all at differing points in our processes of growth and each of our unique perspectives could help shed light for one another.
Most importantly, this initial evening will be about getting to know each other, exchanging ideas and establish how we all want to the group to exist.
All ages from all walks of life are welcome
Please bring an object to place on the Altar that represents you or how you might be feeling. It can be anything- a picture, a candle, a drawing etc
Feel free to bring some nibbles. Wear a cosy jumper and a couple of pairs of socks. We do have heating in Lavender & Green but the extra layers can go a long way!
The sessions will take place from 
7pm- 8.30pm
at Lavender
5 Grove Parade
SK17 6AJ
Please get in touch with us via email or pop into the shop for more info!