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Emmy Rosy Dawn


    About the Artist

    Emmy Rosy Dawn

    Having struggled myself for a long time with the mere idea of being human and part of something so inherrently destructive, it is often the idea of conflict between the natural and human world that inspires my artwork. Many of the pieces here were produced for exhibition as part of the Barnaby Arts Festival Macclesield 2016. The theme for the festival was ‘Space’ and it was the conflict over this commodity which I focussed upon.

    I hope to create what are both physically beautiful and delicate but also thought provoking studies. I ask the viewer to reconsider our relationships with other animals that we might often take for granted. The titles of many of my more recent pieces for example hint at something perhaps deeper than the obvious. I enjoy working in different mediums and particularly enjoy the contrast of pen and ink pointillism and watercolour. I have long been inspired by stained glass and the contrast between the fluid coloured glasswork and black leading of windows and it is in part this that has inspired my own style. I see the black leading as representing the human or industrial utilitarian element whilst the glass is a celebration of light and ergo nature itself. So too with the ink and the watercolour. It is an ominous and imposing balance that can easily be upset or overpowered. In most of my more works the pen therefore represents the constraining or human elements within the piece whilst the watercolour represents the fluid natural elements. Many of the pieces are then hand finished in gold leaf to draw attention to the real value within the image.

    One of my greatest inspirations lately has been observing examples of nature overcoming human progress such as plants growing through pavements, or huge contrasts between nature and manmade in one setting, and it is these themes that I will be focussing on in my future works. 


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