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About us

*Due to the recent developments with covid-19 we are advising customers to shop online as the opening times of the store may be effected. To avoid disappointment we would like to advise you to shop online rather than visiting the store. We hope you are all managing to stay safe and healthy during this time and taking much care. All the best.*


Lavender & Green is an independent wellbeing, gifting and home goods store based online.

Proprietor Amy Green grew up on Somerset Lavender farm and has brought all of the goodness from the farm up to the Peak District for more of the country to enjoy.

Amy takes pride in all she has created and her aim is to share with her customers the joy of nature and the pleasure of creating a comfortable and stylish environment.

“All of our products are based around the goodness of nature, and the importance of creating an inspiring environment. It is critical that your home space is stimulating and relaxing, and that’s what our products can help you achieve.

At Lavender & Green we have suitable gifts and home wares for an unlimited range of styles and budgets!”

Wellbeing with Lavender & Green…

We consider wellbeing to be the foundation of all that we do. All of our body care and fragrant products have specific natural properties to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Of course, lavender is at the centre of what we do, so it is important to us to find a selection of products that go hand in hand with this fundamental ingredient, and that are of an equally high quality.

We carry a vast range of lavender based products, all of which have been made with lavender grown, harvested and distilled on our family farm in Somerset.

Growing up on the lavender farm, Amy has taken keen interest to the benefits of plants as natural healers and the usefulness of plant based ingredients. Knowing this, she wanted to supply affordable natural body care and fragrant products to her audience. To satisfy every customers tastes, we have a high quality plant based range of fragrances outside of the lavender family. And we do hope you enjoy what we have to offer…

All of our body care and fragrant products are completely natural and entirely plant based, we do not see any good reason for it to be any other way. We invite you to try out our body care and candle ranges and take note of the difference in effect.

The lotions are kind to skin, and beautifully fragrant due to the use of natural essential oils, while the candles burn cleanly, filling your room with a calming aroma lasting for hours.

“The goodness of our natural fragrance range can be easily incorporated into anyone’s home and lifestyle. Using plant based fragrances at home has an intense reaction on the mood of your environment. All of our fragrance products can be used to help create a happier and more relaxing space.

Our exclusive and extensive range of lavender based products being the biggest and best for helping reduce stress and improve relaxation.”

Our range of home wares and gifts have been lovingly selected to promote wellbeing at home. It is an often overlooked fact that when one is surrounded by interesting, colourful and inspiring pieces, the mind is more easily relaxed and the home begins to feel more tranquil and sacred.

Our vast range of home goods and gifts have been collected from all over the world, to help you create the style you want and achieve tranquillity in your space.

We are constantly working to bring you unusual home goods, and stylish home accessories that serve purpose as well as looking great.

All of our own brand body care and fragrant products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.